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Is Buying a Home Cheaper than Renting?

Homes for Sale in Sarasota FLSarasota County in Florida is one of the most appealing places to live in when it comes to sandy beaches and an attractive art culture. With this part of the country having been one of the hardest hit by the recent credit crisis, the recovering economy offers a lifeline to the local real estate sector. offer today’s buyers the best value for their money with the prices hitting record lows. It is however important for home buyers to first consider the options available to them before making any decisions. When it comes to homes, the most important decision is between whether to buy or rent. Below we will look at some important factors that influence this decision.


When looking for a place to stay one of the most important factors is to consider is your needs and preferences. Most people in the past had been looking to use homes for sale in Sarasota FL as investments as compared to a place to live. This made people employ a speculative attitude in their approach to home purchases. The recent economic troubles have showed how misleading this notion is. For those looking to make speculative gains in real estate, they should look to other investment avenues.


Most studies around the cheaper option between buying a house and renting put house buying as a significantly cheaper option. Though buying homes for sale in Sarasota FL may involve a large investment, spreading the payments over a long period of time makes them seem significantly lower than renting. With the rising interest rates and higher prices for homes this difference in terms of cost is bound to be eroded especially as the housing market rebounds. But for buying to become higher than renting the rate would have to reach heights seen way back in the eighties.


Renting however is characterized by some convenient services that are noticeably absent for home owners. Most rental properties come with a caretaker, and tenants can call upon him free of charge when in need of routine fixes around the house. Home owners who opt to buy homes for sale in Sarasota FL, on the other hand, have to fix anything that breaks in their home either by themselves or hiring a specialist.


It is also important to note that an individual’s lifestyle also influences their decision between buying and renting a house. For instance, it makes more sense for younger adults to rent as they can move easily to accommodate the growth of their careers. On the other hand, older people are inclined to buy homes for sale in Sarasota FL instead of renting due to the appeal of a more grounded lifestyle.


Since buying a house involves a huge investment, it is important to safeguard your investment. When considering whether to buy or rent a house, existing social amenities and infrastructure such as security and firefighting services among others directly influence the decision taken.

We here at Miller Realty Group are dedicated to finding the perfect home for your needs, while selling your current one at the right price too! We are the experts in the field with over 30 years of sales experience to give you the edge in today's housing market.As we always say, "Your home is GUARANTEED to sell at a price acceptable to YOU or we'll buy it for CASH!*"

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